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Shenzhen set and Cheng
Address: Shahe West Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, tea light industrial zone 12, 7th Floor
Zip Code: 518055
Phone 0755 -86,021,176
Fax 0755 -26,528,849
Beijing Office
Address: Chaoyang District, No. 1 Jinfang Road, Xu Hui, Otto Du Room 904, Building 2, Unit 3,
Postal Code: 100027
Phone 010 -58448012
Fax 010 -64187308
        Specialist and higher education, marketing and other related professionals; 2,2 years of working experience in the sales industry, outstanding performance is preferred; 3, outgoing, responsive, strong communication skills, with strong communication skills and interpersonal skills, with affinity ; 4, with a certain degree of market analysis and judgment, good customer service awareness; 5, responsible and able to work under pressure. 2, requiring the welding industry, machinery and electronics industry or related industry sales experience. 3, at least 3 years of sales experience. 4, a college education, marketing, welding and other professionals.


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