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About Us  
About us  

Set and XGI Technology is a professional "fanless industrial computer products and systems application platform," R & D, production, sales and service high-tech enterprise. Established in Shenzhen in 2002. Understand customer needs in the heart under the guidance of this idea. The products involved: FEBC Series Box PC, Industrial Panel PC, embedded board, industrial monitors, industrial computers, applied five series. Sets and honest companies and agents channel sales and service system consisting of covering the country's major large and medium cities.

We firmly believe that no fan will be the world's expectations of the industrial computer. Low energy consumption of industrial computer products will be widely used in environmental protection, transportation, factory automation, power, medical electronics, telecommunications, military, aerospace, petrochemical, metallurgical, and other industries. Sets and honest people to carry forward the "warm, professional, united," the entrepreneurial spirit, to become fanless industrial computer industry, the world's leading brands.



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